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What are food supplements?


Food supplements (which are often known colloquially as food or nutritional supplements, or dietary products), according to European Parliament Directive 2002/46/CE (transposed to our legal code by Royal Decree 1487/2009) are defined as:

Food products whose purpose is to supplements a normal diet and consisting of concentrated sources of nutrients or other substances that have a nutritional or physiological effect, in a simple or combined way, commercialised in dose form, i.e. capsules, pastilles, tablets, pills or similar formats, small bags of powder, liquid ampoules, bottles with droppers and other liquid and powder formats that should be taken in small unit doses.


Our food supplements, as their name suggests, are “supplementary” and thus cannot replace a balanced diet.




At DRKU we swear by the general wellbeing of people, so our main mission is to make a range of products available to our clients that are formulated with active ingredients subject to rigorous testing to pass the high-quality standards demanded by the company, backed up by the certificates obtained.

Our food supplements have been designed to deliver nutrients, micronutrients and other physiologically active substances in pre-established amounts. Our products are made using specialised and innovative techniques and equipment to deliver the essential nutrients in the most convenient method of administration for the consumer, taking into account that the main purpose is its correct absorption by the body.


The synergistic action of the active ingredients that make up each of DRKU’s food supplements, along with the research and formulation team behind each one of our products, make our products something more than mere food complements, as far as we are concerned, they are Advanced, since they are the result of the sum of our quality, technology, experience, research, development, respect and passion.

Welcome to the universe of DRKU Advanced Food Supplements.


Who can take them?

Sometimes, even when sticking to a balanced and healthy diet, there are certain groups of people that may need food supplements in their diet, such as, for example, women of childbearing age or people taking certain medications.


In general terms, there is no minimum or maximum age for taking food supplements, but there is a general unwritten rule that should always be followed when taking, or before taking them: always read the label. It will tell us, for example, whether it contains allergens, from what age it should be taken and whether it is unsuitable to be taken by any groups of people.

So, what compulsory information will we find on a food supplement label?

The denomination of the categories of nutrients or substances that characterise the product, or information regarding the nature of said nutrients or substances.

The recommended daily product dosage.

A warning not to exceed the expressly recommended daily dosage.

Advice about needing to keep the product out of the reach of very young children.

A statement to the effect that food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet.

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