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The immune system is our body's defence system, which prevents to the entry of many bacteria, microbes or toxic elements that could harm us and cause diseases. When this natural defences of our organism are weakened our natural defences fall and we are much more prone to get sick.

Therefore, we can say that the key to good health is having a strong immune system that protects us from any attack.

The first warning signs that the immune system is weakened are:

  • Feeling tired.
  • Recommended infections and colds. They can be urine, stomach or intestine. When there are not enough defences, the first thing that starts to fail is the weakest part of our body.
  • Heavy digestions. The intestine is a key piece in the immune system and that is why it is also one of the first pieces of the body to accuse its weakness.
  • Take a long time to recover from health problems.

When you have some of the symptoms noted above, the doctor may ask you to perform a blood test to confirm the state of the defences. Anyway, people who have already experienced this experience are usually very clear when they have low defences and take immediate action to prevent the problem from going any further.

The doctor can give some type of treatment to raise the defences, but the fundamental thing is the change of habits in our life. These are the aspects that must be worked on if you want to improve the immune system:

  • The feeding. A varied, natural meal, with regular schedules and taking time to complete it is the first step to increase the defences.
  • Rest. The human body needs to rest, and this rest should be between seven and eight hours a day. Rest is another of the basic pillars for good health of the immune system.
  • Avoid stress. Stress has a clear, direct and very damaging impact on health. It is proven that people with high levels of stress end up suffering the consequences in their defences.
  • Exercise. Practicing regular and moderate exercise also helps improve rest and increases defences.
  • Improves your intestinal flora. The intestinal flora has a fundamental role in the immune system and therefore, in addition to the changes in habits already seen and the possible mediation offered by the doctor can also help the body thanks to Flora Immune. Its combination of probiotics and prebiotics helps to regenerate the intestinal flora, helping to improve the immune system both in its version for adults and children. Flora Immune also contains Vitamin B6, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B12, L-Glutamine and FOS. Thanks to all these ingredients, the health of the intestine will improve, and this will contribute to the good health of the immune system and the consequent increase in the defences.

FLORA INMUNE is a food supplement that strengthens the immune system and helps it to function correctly. It comes in stick form. Its advanced formula contributes to a healthy immune system due to its vitamin B12 and B6 content.

Vitamin D contributes to the correct functioning of the immune system of children.

This product is for adults and children who need to strengthen their immune systems during seasonal changes, during winter or in times of stress and overwork, and when recovering from colds or flu. It is the perfect ally to help you feel in top condition.

FLORA INMUNE Works efficiently on our immune systems. The combination of probiotics and vitamins helps promote an optimum state of the bacterial flora in our bodies to improve defences and fight infection.

1 stick of FLORA INMUNE contains 1x10⁹ colony forming units of the mixture of Bifidobacterium lactis, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Bifidobacterium breve and Lactobacillus paracasei.

The probiotics contained in FLORA IMMUNE are safe and beneficial for our health. They are on the list of approved supplements produced by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority - QPS: Qualified Presumption of Safety).

Does not contain glucose or lactose and is suitable for vegetarians.

FLORA INMUNE is resistant to antibiotics and survives stomach acids.

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