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Problems with digestion are some of the most common health problems, and among these it is worth highlighting allergies or intoleranceof certain foodstuffs.

Lifestyle, changes in diet, excessive eating, not chewing correctly, stress, travelling, age, medicines such as antacids, anti-depressives or antibiotics, or hormonal changes in women are some of the causes of intestinal problems.

Problems going to the toilet, constipation, diarrhoea and stomach ache are among the most common problems. Other problems include slow, difficult digestion, slow intestinal transit and abdominal swelling due to excess of gas which causes flatulence and abdominal tension. All these symptoms are characterized by discomfort in our daily lives, however most of them can be alleviated without the need for medication.

Intestinal discomfort, whatever its origin, can manifest itself in several ways, depending on the person. There are, however, a number of common aspects worth considering:

- Difficulties when going to the toilet, but without discomfort during intestinal transit.

- Discomfort related to slow intestinal transit.

- Slow intestinal transit in some cases accompanied by abdominal swelling.

- Inflammation when ingesting certain foodstuffs.

It is essential to see a specialist if abdominal pain persists.

In some cases, all foodstuffs that contain lactose must be removed from the diet, that is to say, any milk or dairy product. Patients who are extremely sensitive must remove these foodstuffs completely, and patients who are less sensitive may tolerate small quantities of lactose. Lactase deficit varies from person to person, and may change throughout the life of the sufferer, and thus, the degree of lactose intolerance should be identified. In this way the type and quantity of lactose that can be consumed can be established.

FLORA TEN is a food supplement that promotes comfortable digestion, and which comes in capsule form. Its calcium content helps with healthy functioning of digestive enzymes and its fibre content promotes the activity of the probiotic bacteria that it contains.

This product is designed for anyone who suffers from problems related to intestinal flora, whether due to stress, poor diet, food intolerances or consumption of antibiotics or other medicines.  

It is the perfect ally when travelling for people who have gluten or lactose intolerances. It alleviates intestinal discomfort, helps with digestive difficulties and eliminates gas.

It helps the intestinal tract to function correctly in all sections of the population (children over 2, adults and the elderly), and is especially recommended for celiac people who have problems related to the intake of gluten.

One capsule of FLORA TEN contains 1x109 colony forming units of the mixture of Bifidobacterium lactis, Lactobacillus rhamnosus andBifidobacterium longum ES1.

The probiotics contained in FLORA TEN are safe and beneficial to our health and are on the list of approved supplements created by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority- QPS: Qualified Presumption of Safety).

Does not contain gluten or lactose and is suitable for vegetarians.

It has been proven effective in clinical trials on the probiotics that it contains. Bifidobacterium longum ES1 has been the subject of studies carried out in the Barcelona hospitals of Sant Joan de Reus and Sant Joan de Déu on coeliac children between the ages of 2 and 14. The results of these tests were extremely positive regarding improvements in the discomfort involved with flora disequilibrium and intestinal inflammation.

FLORA TEN is resistant to antibiotics and survives the effects of stomach acids. 

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